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Customer Spotlight – Vickie

When you first start a business, your first supporters are your community, family and friends. A community is a family in itself. My community has been there for me and I for them. That’s makes for a strong community. We’re all in this together. We’re not competing. We all want each other to succeed.

One of my local customers, Vickie is a new owner of an exciting boutique called, Pearls… for the Home, in Loretto, Tennessee.  She carries the most beautiful selection of goods and supports local artisans. There are loads of items to decorate your home with – in this once-upon-a-time barber shop that her and her husband, Randy remodeled.

In May, Vickie contacted me and asked if Jicel would accessorize her outfit (courtesy of Sarah C Boutique in Loretto) for an upcoming fashion show to raise money for children with NF (neurofibromatosis – brain tumors Because her boutique is called, “Pearls… for the Home”, she wanted to incorporate pearls into the design (and I am all about building the brand and conveying it through your personal image).

In my past designs, I’ve always incorporated pearls, so I had lots of them to choose from. Since her outfit consisted of mainly gold with green accents, I decided to focus on those two colors. I thought it would give an unexpected pop against the gray dress.

See all our jewelry at jicel or at Old School Antiques in St. Joseph, Tennessee.

Outfit courtesy of Sarah C Boutique in Loretto, TN