With a little care, you can keep your sterling silver and vermeil jewelry tarnish free and it’s super simple. Vermeil jewelry (which is gold over sterling silver) still needs the same care as sterling silver. The tarnish will come through over time.

  • Wearing your jewelry is actually the best way to keep it from tarnishing.
  • Never wear it in a hot tub, mineral spring, swimming pool, or any other chemically treated water.
  • Your jewelry will stay clean if you store your sterling silver jewelry in plastic and away from air and light.
  • If your jewelry does tarnish, you can dip them in a liquid sterling silver jewelry cleaner. It’s a quick dip that you rinse off. Follow these tips:
    1) Don’t allow them to soak for any period of time otherwise, it will ruin the stones.
    2) If your jewelry is a mix of leather and chain, you can dip the parts that are silver.
    3) If your jewelry has pearls, do not let the solution touch the pearl.
  • You can also use a sterling silver cleaning cloth which deposits a residue that will protect your sterling silver from tarnishing.